GURU and F.I.S.T. certified fitting

Quad Cycles is proud to offer F.I.S.T. certified fitting services with the GURU Direct Fit Unit (DFU) for all riders in the Boston area!

Traditionally, bicycle fitters have been limited to using measurements taken from cyclists at rest and equations based on those static measurements to find the best possible fits for cyclists of all disciplines. While those methods have been generally effective, new fitting methods offer you, the cyclist, the opportunity to find positions on your current bike or a new one based both on static measurements and analysis of your fit while pedaling. Combined with the GURU DFU, the most advanced fitting bike in cycling today, its 3D Kinect camera, which can scan your dimensions and riding position in motion, and its software's database of every major bicycle brand in existence, our fitters can find a good starting position on a new bike or saddle, your optimal position on your current bike, or the perfect fit on any of over 10,000 new models throughout the cycling world.

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