Pioneer Electronics may be a newcomer to the cycling world, but they've been pioneering (see what we did there?) advances in home and automotive electronics since 1938. The same spirit that helped to bring the world everything from car stereos with detachable faceplates to DVD players has been introduced to cycling to help make some of the most advanced, accurate, and versatile power meters for riders who seek nothing but the best from themselves and their equipment. Their power meter reads your wattage at 12 points (every 30 degrees) through your entire pedal stroke, and is one of the few meters on the market that reads off of both cranks, so that you can get the most complete possible picture of your performance.

Featured Product: SGY-PM90 Series Power Meter, with shimano Dura-Ace Crankset


Pioneer's power meter stands among the best on the market today, so it's logical for the SGY-PM90 to be built into the 9000-series Shimano Dura-Ace crankset, part of the groupset that Velonews described as "the best human-powered drivetrain the world has ever seen." Coming in a wide range of sizes, from 165 mm for shorter riders and triathletes to 180 mm for taller riders, and gearings of 53-39, 52-36, and 50-34, no matter your cycling needs, Pioneer has a power meter for you. The crank is ANT+ compatible, ready to work with any ANT+ head unit, but we recommend Pioneer's own head unit due to its ease of use; the Pioneer computer (sold separately) is WiFi-compatible, and can communicate with your computer over your home network.