Quad Cycles is a Kestrel dealer based in Arlington, Massachusetts, just a few miles from Boston. We have an extensive selection of Kestrel bicycles available from our warehouse.

Kestrel Bicycles is a true innovator in bicycle technology. In 1986, Kestrel was the first company to use bladder molds to make monocoque carbon frames, and that set them on a path of industry-revolutionizing designs. In 1987 they used the technology to make the first full carbon road bike, followed by the first full carbon mountain bike in 1988 and the first carbon triathlon bike in 1989. Their newest top-end bike, the Legend SL, boasts a sub-800 gram frame, and has been the subject of enthusiastic reviews from Bicycling Magazine, slowtwitch.com, and many others.

Now a permanent fixture of road and triathlon cycling, Kestrel promises to continue to bring efficient, novel designs to the sport for years to come.

Featured Bike: Legend Shimano Ultegra

In bike shops, "Strong; light; cheap; pick two," is so popular it's practically a law of bicycles and gear. Not when we're talking about the Kestrel Legend in the Ultegra build. At under $2500, Kestrel's built a bike with an 11-speed Ultegra drivetrain, using high-quality in-house components to bring down the price. The frame, though, truly stands out; in a 58 cm size, the Legend frame weighs 780 grams, a respectable weight when held against many of its competitors, and retains great ride quality and stiffness. Kestrel threw out the rulebook when they made this bike. See what limits you can break on it.