Quad Cycles is a Felt dealer based in Arlington, Massachusetts, just a few miles from Boston. We have an extensive selection of Felt bicycles. Quad Cycles carries Felt models from cruisers to road bikes to triathlon bicycles.

Every Felt bike is designed and built to give you the best possible cycling experience. In product development, milestones, and race wins, Felt has delivered extremely well. From proprietary carbon molding processes like InsideOut+ to chain tension-eating mountain bike technologies such as Equilink suspension and the aerodynamics-enhancing Bayonet Steering System, Felt is constantly expanding the boundaries and turning cyclists' dreams to reality.

On the competition front, Felt is a dominant player. Highlights include dominating wins at the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, and Vuelta a España, the Project London track team shattering the U.S. team sprint record, and Kristin Armstrong’s time trial victories at the Tour of California. Other notable Felt driven efforts include triathlon star Andi Böcherer’s victory at the Ironman 70.3 European championships, Thomas Litscher’s U23 UCI Mountain Bike World Championship, and of course, Mirinda "Rinny" Carfrae's amazing record-breaking performance at the 2014 Ironman World Championships.

Featured Bike: 2016 ZW5

The Felt Fit Woman's series has long been one of the best performing lines in road cycling, and the ZW5 is a continuation of that tradition. With tubeless-ready wheels, the new Shimano 105 11-speed drivetrain, and a UHC Performance carbon fiber frame with internal electronic drivetrain-compatible routing, this bike comes ready to ride and easy to keep around for the future.

This bike is only available by special order, but we can help you find your size and position with the GURU DFU - visit our Bike Fitting page to learn more.

Featured Electric Bike: SportE 95

If you've ever considered giving up your car and commuting through the greater Boston area entirely by bicycle, you're not alone. That's why many of us are cyclists too. It's great for fitness, your bottom line, and the environment. But a lot of people run into some common logistical issues when commuting: it's too far from home to work or school, it's too hard to ride for a long time, you can't come to work drenched in sweat because you have no way to get clean when you're there. And just as many of us have become cyclists to get from home to work and back, we've also had those issues ourselves, and we totally understand. Felt and Bosch understand those problems, so they made the SportE 95 for people like you - and many other kinds of cyclists.

The SportE with the Bosch eDrive resolves those issues wonderfully, but doesn't deny you the opportunity to get your workout in. You can ride the SportE without the eDrive engaged, and it's going to behave like a normal bike. Or, you can choose from four levels of assistance: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo. These levels provide assistance from 50% to 275% of your pedaling force. This means that if you're riding at Eco, the lowest setting, and pushing the pedals at 100 watts, the SportE's rear wheel will move with 150 watts of force; at Turbo, the highest setting, if you push at 100 watts, the rear wheel will move at 375 watts. The eDrive's design will allow you to ride faster and further than you've ever rode before, and best of all, when you pedal, you'll still be able to get the bike to move faster, and give yourself some exercise. Depending on your setting of choice and the riding conditions, the eDrive will give you electrical assistance for up to 75 miles.

Besides the eDrive, the SportE is built up with high-quality parts, including Shimano SLX and XT components, so the mechanical parts will last as long as the electrical ones will. It comes with hydraulic disc brakes as well, making the bike capable of slowing down and stopping in all conditions. And the Intuvia head unit will help you keep track of how much juice the 400 watt-hour Powerpack still has.

So let's recap: the SportE can reduce your carbon footprint, gas bills, and your waistline all at the same time, it lasts as long as any bike you've ever bought, and it turns any ride within the greater Boston area into something completely manageable. What are you waiting for?