Quad Cycles is an official dealer and service center for ENVE wheels and components for the greater Boston area.

If you're a cycling enthusiast, especially one who rides in eastern Massachusetts or New England, chances are good that you or one of your friends is on an ENVE Composites product already. Do you or any of your friends have a carbon or mixed material frame from Independent Fabrication (founded in Somerville, MA), Parlee (Beverly, MA), or Calfee (Santa Cruz, CA, but famous throughout the cycling world)? If so, the carbon fiber tubes that make those frames so light, strong, and comfortable to ride came from ENVE, or as it was originally known, Edge Composites. Back in 2005, Jason Schiers, an entrepreneur and machinist, founded Edge in Ogden, Utah, and changed its name to ENVE in 2010 due to European copyright issues. Throughout its existence, ENVE has stayed in the USA and continued to grow faster than even their own optimistic predictions.

Though their products are seen, if disguised by other companies' logos, throughout the custom bicycle world, you've almost definitely seen their wheels. ENVE's carbon wheels are made with proprietary processes and materials to maximize their strength and performance, and with all their wheels made in-house instead of being contracted out, ENVE has the shortest time possible from concept to testing to commercial release. Additionally, since they make the rims and complete wheels in-house, ENVE has hub and color decal options for order to match practically any build or paint scheme. All this results in some of the strongest, most aerodynamic, and overall best wheels on the market.

Featured Product: SES 2.2

Climbing wheels don't get much better than this. At 1123 grams in the lightest configuration, this wheelset will put a lot of bikes under the UCI weight limit, even if the bike's built up with Shimano Ultegra or SRAM Force. In addition to being some of the most tested and lightest wheels on the market, however, the clincher SES rims (best suited for most riders using their bikes in non-race conditions) are also tubeless-compatible. This is the tire style of choice for practical cyclists who are also looking for the lowest possible rolling resistance; in recent tests, most of the top performing road tires were tubeless.

Ready to be the first to the top of the hill? Let us get the SES 2.2 wheels ready for you.