Quad Cycles is a dealer of Campagnolo components and wheelsets, selling a full range of Campagnolo products with options in new vintage parts collected over Rustem's long career with the Turkish National Cycling Team.

With ideas conceived during a racing career in the 1920s, sometimes while on the side of the road wondering why wheels couldn't be removed from a bike without tools, Tullio Campagnolo launched his business in 1933 and quickly began making the best, most storied components in the European peloton. Producing the first quick-release hub, carbon fiber shift/brake levers, 10- and 11-speed drivetrains, and some of the lightest production wheels ever, Campagnolo has cemented its name into the world of cycling.


Featured Product: Super Record EPS (Special Order Only)

On other parts of the site, you'll find a lot of praise for Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra Di2, and those groupsets deserve the praise; with minimal to no weight gain, Shimano's electronic shifting systems offer perfectly reliable shifts, every time. But they do have their detractors, and they're mostly concerned with the feel of the shifters - or, rather, the lack thereof. Everyone in the shop has used Di2 and enjoyed it, but we've all missed a shift, once in a blue moon, because we've been a millimeter or two off and pushed the wrong button. Some Shimano-sponsored professional racers initially refused to ride with Di2 drivetrains, because they were afraid of accidental upshifts or downshifts.

Campagnolo Super Record EPS doesn't share that issue. Like its mechanical predecessor, the EPS controls are in the ErgoPower style, meaning there's three levers for each hand; the brake lever, a shift lever behind the brake lever, and a thumb-operated shift lever on the inward side of the control. Each lever does one, and only one, thing, making misshifts impossible. More importantly, especially for riders with smaller hands, ErgoPower levers sit very close to the handlebars, making extensive lever adjustments largely unnecessary. If you have fingers with normal mobility, you can control EPS with no problems, and it'll always shift in the direction you want it to shift. Best of all, it shifts like Campagnolo ErgoPower has always shifted; one push can take you all the way through the cassette, up or down. And with the most powerful front derailleur of any electronic shifting system, you'll always make the big shifts.

Braking on Campagnolo has traditionally felt very different from Shimano or SRAM drivetrains; softer, but with better modulation. This is understandable when you consider the history of Campagnolo. While Shimano and SRAM began their existences in the cycling world making parts for city cyclists and casual mountain bikers, Campagnolo's founder was a competitive cyclist, and the company has always made parts for riders who love to push themselves. Faster riders do not usually squeeze their brakes to stop; they squeeze the brakes to slow down sufficiently to get through curves, particularly on descents. If you love speed so much that you want the braking modulation needed to reduce your speed just enough to not overshoot your next switchback, the Campagnolo Super Record Skeleton brakes are what you want.

Very few bicycle companies make stock bikes with Campagnolo parts, but we're happy to do a custom build for you. E-mail us or come in, and we can make the bike of your dreams.