Quad Cycles is a Breezer dealer based in Arlington, Massachusetts, just a few miles from Boston. We have an extensive selection of Breezer bicycles.



Since Joe Breeze built the first modern mountain bike in 1977, Breezer's legendary mountain bike designs have been known for great handling, light weight, and cutting edge Joe Breeze innovations. In recent years, however, Breezer has increased its focus on transportation bicycles. Their transportation bikes come with racks, fenders, and many other accessories aimed at making it as easy, simple and fun as possible to choose your bike over your car.

Featured Bike: Beltway 8+

The Beltway 8+ may be the perfect out-of-the-box commuter bike. Its Gates Carbon Drive belt-powered drivetrain, paired up with an internal Shimano 8-speed Alfine hub, is as low maintenance as drivetrains get. The B&M Lumotech and DToplight dynamo-powered front and rear lights, now with the Standlight feature, hold enough charge for you to stop riding for several minutes (say, at a stop light or particularly busy intersection) without the lights going out. And the hydraulic disc brakes, fenders, and rear rack prevent you from skidding to a stop, getting soaked from riding through a puddle or pothole, and needing to carry everything you need for work or school on your back.

If you need a fun bike, and for you, a "fun" bike is one that's reliable, versatile, and as useful as possible, you need the Beltway 8+.