QuadCycles carries complete bikes and frames from all the leading brands giving you one of the widest selections available in the Boston area. Whether you’re looking for a new carbon race bike, or just a faster way to get around town, QuadCycles has the bike for you, all at best price around.

We have a full complement of Road, Mountain, Cyclocross, Hybrid, Commuter and Children’s bikes in stock and ready to roll. Come in today and take your new bike for a test ride.

QuadCycles is proud to carry bikes and frames by:

Biria - Biria bikes are all about comfort. They are like mobile love seats. Climb on and roll across town. Revolutionizing the urban comfort bike with their step-through design, Biria has taken the beloved commuter bikes of Europe’s biggest cities and made them accessible for the American masses. If packing yourself into spandex and rocketing across town isn’t on your to-do list, Biria might just make the bike for you. Cruisers, 3, 7 and 8 speeds, all set up to get you there with poise and style. Biria bikes can also be outfitted with racks and fenders to make them into your do-everything errand bike.

Breezer - Joe Breeze, the brain behind Breezer bikes, never thinks of cycling as a hobby. To him, cycling is a lifestyle, and his company has been turning out town and city bikes since the ’70s. Originally a mountain bike pioneer, Breezer has become synonymous with comfort, commuting and folding bikes – whatever it takes for you to move yourself through your day, to work, to school, to the bank or the grocery store.

Cannondale logoCannondale – Headquartered in Connecticut, Cannondale is an iconic American brand. What Colnago has been to steel and Litespeed has been to titanium, Cannondale is to aluminum. When most manufacturers were working and reworking their steel building processes, Cannondale was building the lightest, stiffest aluminum frames on the market, and they’ve never relinquished leadership in that category, even while moving into production on carbon fiber frames. Cannondale’s cross-country and trail mountain bikes, meanwhile, have another distinction; they are the only mass-production frames to come with Lefty front suspension, an incredibly light, stiff, and resilient single-stanchion suspension system modeled after the designs of commercial aircraft. From their incredible materials to iconoclastic designs, Cannondale is quality from tire to stem.

Ciöcc – Many know Ciöcc for its old-school craftsmanship with steel bikes, particularly its amateur and professional road bikes in the ’70s and ’80s. And that’s certainly part of its history. But Ciöcc today works with Toray Carbon, the carbon fiber supplier for Boeing and many other aerospace industry giants, to blend high- and low-modulus carbon fiber into light, fast, and forgiving modern racing frames. Ciocc – an old-school commitment to quality, combined with some of the best materials and engineering in the cycling world.

Colnago - Legendary. It’s not even really possible to talk about Italian bicycles without mentioning the name Ernesto Colnago. Few frame builders in the history of cycling have had the impact that Colnago has, and his bikes just keep on rolling. As we all know, form is fleeting but class is permanent, and, with their distinctive and elegant design, Colnago is all class.

De Rosa – You can draw a straight line from the De Rosa road bikes in our shop to the legendary machines that Eddy Merckx, the greatest cyclist of all time, rode during his record breaking 1973 season. Like Ernesto Colnago, Ugo De Rosa is another towering icon of our sport, and his bicycles have been at the very top of the market for the past 40 years. Passing seamlessly from the steel age into the modern, carbon fiber era, De Rosa has maintained their reputation as the epitome of the Italian racing bicycle.

Felt – If there is a road bike maker with more great reviews to its name than Felt, we would be shocked. Born from a marriage of motocross engineering and triathlon aerodynamics, Felt succeeds by engineering from the ground up, rather than by reworking past designs. Consistently, Felt produces the lightest, stiffest bikes allowed under International Cycling Union rules, and they apply all the lessons of the labor that goes into that bleeding-edge technology in delivering bikes in every style and class.

Focus – If the Italians are known for their elegant styling, the Germans are renowned for their engineering, and that is what Focus Bikes are all about. Relatively young for a company of such grand achievements, Focus has become a worldwide brand on the strength of top performance at a reasonable price. Only available in the US beginning in 2009, you should expect to see these bikes everywhere in the coming years.

Fuji - Named for Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japanese strength, Fuji consistently delivers some of the strongest values on the road today. Few other manufacturers offer the breadth of size, style and fit that Fuji brings to market year in and year out. From high end carbon frames to kids’ bikes, Fuji has the goods. They’re never the priciest option, but they’re often the best one.

Guerciotti – When the Guerciotti brothers started making cyclocross bikes in the ’60s, they had the legendary Cino Cinelli guide them on their way. Today, the company straddles the line between the classic Italian design tradition and the modern technology-focused approach that yields some of the fastest bikes on the road. The end result is both very stylish and very fast.

Jamis – Unlike many of the big European bike brands that started at the high end of road racing, Jamis began by making comfort bikes and evolved through mountain bikes into the road market. With a focus on value, Jamis has quietly established itself as one of the most well-rounded bike makers in the game, from youth bicycles with training wheels to carbon fiber race machines. Jamis doesn’t just want to sell you a bike. They want to see you ride, whether it’s a family ride down the bike path, a muddy romp on your local trails or a Cat II Sunday road race.

LaPierre – The bicycle was invented in France, and French manufacturers have always been intertwined with the technological history of the sport. Based in Dijon, LaPierre has been making bikes since 1946. Their current crop of road machines, ridden in the pro peloton by the Française des Jeux team, represents the bleeding edge of bicycle technology, that place where French flare and science come together to produce an alchemical blend of pure cycling gold. Whether it’s the Xelius or the Sensium line of road bikes, Lapierre delivers everything the passionate cyclist needs.

LiteSpeed – Litespeed is quite possibly the first name in titanium frame building. Originally a machine shop pioneering the manufacture of a brand new alloy, Litespeed proved that titanium could make extremely strong, light bike frames. Since then they’ve made titanium models for DeRosa, Merckx and an array of other top bike companies. If you’re talking titanium, they are simply the best, and now that they’ve turned their eye to producing carbon fiber frames as well the industry should be on notice.

Schwinn – Ignaz Schwinn began his career working with precursors to the modern bicycle in the 19th century. Since Schwinn Bicycle Company’s founding in 1895, the company has strived to provide reliable, affordable bicycles for casual riders everywhere, and their designs have been successful – even iconic – throughout their long history. For those looking for a bike that fits in their lifestyle, “Schwinn” has been synonymous with “bicycle,” and will continue to be so for many years to come.

Scott – There are some bike makers who began humbly, hand-welding frames in some anonymous warehouse, growing over time in to fine craftsmen respected for their ability to transition from the small-time, to worldwide recognition. Scott took a slightly different approach. Rather than beginning with bicycles, they began with materials, taking the very latest in material techology and applying it to a number of sports. Their internal slogan INNOVATION – TECHNOLOGY – DESIGN has remained the same for decades, so what you get with a bike from Scott is a machine that will push the bounds of weight, stiffness, aerodynamics and speed.


Giordana – Made. In. Italy. Many brands are designed in the spiritual home of cycling, but few are still made there. Giordana is one of them, turning out low key, high quality cycling apparel for a more than reasonable price. If you’re looking for garments that aren’t too flashy, will last forever, and won’t break the bank, Giordana is the clear choice.

Castelli – Castelli is a swashbuckling brand. Like many cycling apparel manufacturers, Castelli is constantly experimenting with new fabrics and new techniques to produce high performance clothing. What makes Castelli really special is their design. Their jerseys, jackets, tights and shorts all somehow to manage to look timelessly classic and up-to-the-minute at the same time. Castelli is cycling for cool.

Pearl Izumi – No one in the apparel game offers the breadth of choices that Pearl Izumi does. Able to compete at the high end with their top performing clothes, they also compete at the value end of the market with everyday shorts, jerseys and accessories that you can count on. Pearl holds to an austere design philosophy, which gives their clothing a sharp look that endures year after year.


Featuring components from Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, Ritchey and more, QuadCycles is stocked with all the parts and accessories you need to to help you get the most out out of your bike. Whether you’re looking for a complete gruppo, or just a spare part we’ve got everything you need to get you moving.

We also carry components from Ritchey, Easton, Thomson, and many other companies with sterling reputations for cockpit (handlebar, stem, and seatpost) componentry.

Stay warm and dry this winter with technical clothing from Giordana, Pearl Izumi, Endura, Cannondale, and more.